The Farmers retreat

Zee Kannada

Scope:  Research, Consulting, Design, Curation and Production. 

Need : To celebrate the harvest festival with their media partners by delivering a real customised experience around the regional culture.

Frame of Reference : Research the local festival, integrate design elements in the collective, identify local products and brands aligned to the theme.

Consumer Promise : A boxed version of the local festive experience reflecting the harvest celebrations via curation, design and product, presented as a press release.

The harvest season is at the centre of celebrations in many communities across the
world. It is a time for extravaganza and is punctuated with events that celebrate the
many facets of a communities culture often through mythological legends and
associated stories. The Farmer’s Retreat Collection aims at living the extravaganza by
designing and curating elements that are specific to the region and community.

We called upon the team with the mission to increase engagement and interaction to promote our channel on social media. The team's ability to come up with creative strategies helped us achieve the goals we set for ourselves. We look forward to working with the team and wish them all the very best.

-Brand Manager, Zee Kannada