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When India’s largest play school network was looking at nurturing relationships, designing around the theme of joint parenthood to celebrate Father’s day, we had to get into the shoes of young parents, understand the interactions they have with their kids and finally switch hats to reimagine our cherished childhood memories.

challenge –   to wear multiple hats and converge the experience into one product.

How we approached it – We felt the joint parenting theme was special, unique and extremely relevant.We started with the parents, looked at how a mothers day looks like, explored the ways a mother thinks of celebrating fathers day with her kids, we then explored the kids world, what were our best childhood memories with our parents. Once we had a view of these perspectives we started to work on the design elements and create the experience that we wanted to deliver. 

We  used layering both in the messaging as well as in the boxes itself to make the experience relevant for both parents and sprinkled a bit of surprise and mystery. The activity calendar was conceptualised as a medium that encouraged joint participation on activities that bring kids and parents together, and finally we explored the digital medium to help parents share their cherished moments via the #bridgethegap campaign. 

The campaign went out to the top 10 parent influencers in India. 

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